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MISA seeks ways in which to promote the free flow of information and co-operation among media workers, as a principle means of nurturing democracy and human rights in southern Africa. The assumption is that the free flow of information will lead to an informed society that has the capacity to influence how it is governed.

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MISA: An Overview

Over the past twenty (20) years, MISA has positioned itself as the primary advocate for media freedom and freedom of expression in southern Africa. MISA programmes have grown and now have a global outreach especially through the media violations monitoring programme. As a result, MISA’s work and agenda have also been taken up by many civic organisations in the region, thereby creating consciousness of the linkages between media freedom, freedom of expression and broader human rights and democratic campaigns.

MISA_Zimbabwe Annual Report 2016

This 2016 Annual report is a catalogue of MISA-Zimbabwe’s footprints on the organisation’s strategic interventions towards realisation of its vision of a Zimbabwe in which every person enjoys their rights to freedom of expression, access to information and privacy of communication as well as access to all forms of media that are independent from undue political, economic and commercial interests, coming to fruition.

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